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Inspired by Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes vs. Women series. Its an amazing and poignant series of videos and if anyone hasn’t seen them I highly recommend them, you can check them out here feministfrequency.com Feminist Frequency is also a fantastic non profit so definitely support her if you get the chance!

Love it!

Not precisely our usual bailiwick—but definitely a sentiment we stand behind!

Hi, I’m G. I’m a queer/nonbinary comic artist/writer originally from Indiana, but I’ve lived and traveled all over the world. I never read mainstream comics much, but I’ve been drawing webcomics since I was 15 in the year 2000. I’m so thankful for the diverse and wonderful group of friends I’ve made over the years - especially recently since I started my latest webcomic “Title Unrelated”. I didn’t discover that I was trans/queer/nonbinary until I was 27 years old, but my comics friends have been so helpful and accepting that I’ve been just blown away. I’m so happy we can all support each other as we work to make the world a better place by helping change culture through our art and fandoms. : )

I wouldn’t be here without all of you. I am comics, and I love you!

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I am Comics! #iamcomics #wearecomics

Hashtag your post “#i am comics,” or submit your photo here!

A reminder of purpose —

Hallo, all!

A reminder to y’all, with the submissions —

We would LOVE to post pics of y’all with the caption or a sign saying “We Are Comics” or “I Am Comics.” But, we’re probably not going to post a submission consisting ONLY of a link to your website or comic, not matter how inclusive or diverse, as a cross-promotional measure.

I say probably, because we reserve the right to participate in such matters with sites and folks we’ve contacted. 

But, in general, nope.

PLEASE DO send us your selfie, or drawing, or just a big sign saying “I AM COMICS!” We want to see and know YOU. We want YOU to be the face of comics, visually, graphically, viscerally. 

You are comics. We know it.

Thanks again —

Sigrid Ellis

mattmoll asked :

Hi! Im searching for the name of an old comic. The story I remember involved a guy getting sentenced for heinous crimes but his punishment was like 1000 deaths or 100 years of deaths... He's put into a machine and hooked up like something out of the Matrix and then the story follows him through his gruesome deaths. Sorry its not really detailed but thats all I remember. I've been looking for this comic for years now please help me find it :) Thanks!

wearecomics answered :

Hi! That’s not something we do, really. Best of luck!

— Sigrid 

jasonenosart asked :

Is there a way to search your blog?

wearecomics answered :

Nope, not really. 


We don’t have comic book shops in Lebanon and only two bookstores in the country actually have comics sections that carry a limited selection of graphic novels and trades, but I am nevertheless a huge comics fan, Marvel geek and avid indie reader. I get all my monthly single issues digitally and buy as many cool graphic novels as I can locally, in between the blissful occasions when I’m in the states to visit family and get to raid comic book shops to my heart’s content and add to my (partly pictured) collection. I read comics, I pore over comics, I’ve made some of my own comics, I geek out over creative art and writing and design and paneling, and my thesis proposal on the role of graphic design in comics has just been accepted. I can’t wait to spend the coming semester analyzing and writing about all my favorite comic books and hopefully one day, becoming a professional in the field. I’m a Lebanese Muslim female, and I am comics.

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"I Am Comics". I was extremely lazy to read comics when I was 8 years old, but what always got to me was the art that was fantastic. Now im 18 years old and im an avid comic book fan. The movies were not delivering for me. Movies were lacking something that comics always had and that was originality and depth. My first comic that I read was Batman Under the Red Hood. Batman is one of my favorites along with Spider-Man. I relate to these fictional character so much. I dont read for Mary Jane’s Boobs or Wonder Woman’s Ass, I read for the emotions, frustrations, comedy, and action of a well written comic book. Yes, I understand that its not a popular art form in the "Real World" but thats what makes it so special. The fact that the comic book community understands the art. I am proud to say that weather Comic books are popular or not, I will always be a Comic Book Guy!

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We Are Comics: A Visual Message for a Visual Medium



I’ve got an essay in the current issue of Apex Magazine on the origin and principles of We Are Comics.

We Are Comics exists as a platform from which members of our community can speak for themselves. It’s about solidarity, but it’s also about visible diversity: hundreds of distinct faces and stories from across the comics industry and community. We are as different from one another as we are from that elusively narrow target audience.

What we have in common — with each other, but, ultimately, with everyone — is the desire to be heard. Our medium is our message: We are here. We are real, and we always have been. This is our town, too.

As a comic writer who is both queer, and intellectually disabled… where do I sign up? This matters! Representation matters! I am Comics, WE are Comics. And we deserve to be heard ^_^

Submit a post at wearecomics, or post on your own tumblr and tag it [#i am comics] or [#we are comics], and we’ll find it and reblog!