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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a comics professional / hardcore fan. Should I still submit a photo?

If you interact with or enjoy comics in any way, you are comics, too; and you are welcome here.

I am a straight white man between the ages of 18 and 39. I want to express solidarity / speak up, but I don’t want to drown out other voices. Should I still submit a photo?

Absolutely—but please consider adding a statement of solidarity to your sign and/or bio!

Can I include a link to my tumblr / twitter / website / current project?

Totally, but if it’s NSFW, please indicate that.

Why has my submission not gone up yet?

Our queue is literally weeks long at this point, so please be patient. The nature of your submission might be a factor, too: did you submit a wall of text? It will probably end up being bumped below shorter/more visually oriented submissions.

Who runs this tumblr?

As of right now, the We Are Comics team is Rachel Edidin, Arturo GarciaElle Collins, and Sigrid Ellis; with Jen Vaughn lending a hand on social media and Becky Hawkins on behind-the-scenes organizing!

How can I get in touch with you?

The best way is via the ask box, a submission, or our Twitter, but we are all pretty googleable (and share point-duty on PR as it comes up).

Wait, you’re on Twitter?

We sure are!