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I’m Stephanie, 23, marketing writer. I’ve been a fan of comics since I was a kid. (Meridian has been my favorite since I was 12)

I cosplay a lot. I’ve never cosplayed a comic character, rarely even go to comic conventions. Part of this is due to insecurity about how I would look in the skimpy outfits seen on many female characters. Part of this is due to the comments I’m afraid I’ll get. If I’m a character from a lesser-known comic, no one would recognize me. If I’m a character from Marvel or DC, I’d get grilled on how well I know those characters.

I have never been called a fake geek, have never been told that I don’t belong in a comic store, and have never been laughed at for reading a Deadpool comic in public. But it could happen. Knowing that there are people who don’t want me reading comics is enough to make me apprehensive about the community as a whole. I love being a fan, but I usually want to keep it to myself. I hope that can change.

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